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FENEKIA uses innovative fabrics from the world of fitness to offer products in which you will feel comfortable. In our own way, we want to honor and encourage Muslim men to live their faith in all circumstances.

Our history

The name FENEKIA comes directly from our origins in Algeria, where the fennec is a national symbol: a protected species, mascot of the national soccer team ⚽ and a formidable pest hunter that manages the feat of living in the arid Sahara desert.

FENEKIA was born of a spiritual journey. In Ramadan 2021, we realized that Muslim men also have body parts to cover in public, and not just during prayer.

With a view to offering a functional product that protects the 'awrah of Muslims, we've invested a lot of time and energy in this project, and we're determined to see it through to the end!

As a priority, we created the Modesty collection, a range of modest, comfortable clothing that respects Muslim ethics. ⤵️

Swim shorts for men :

FENEKIA, between Sunnah and sport

Did you know that sport is an act of worship? That taking care of your body was directly taught to us by the Prophet Muhammad (saws)?

Indeed, our body is a repository on which we'll have to give an account, just as we'll be questioned about what we've done with our youth, our time and our money.

📍Sports then take on another, far more powerful dimension! We don't sweat to look good on the beach, but to keep fit and maintain our physical strength with a view to pleasing Allah.

Yes, making efforts to keep fit and healthy can earn us good deeds (hassanates).

Our mission

As a Muslim man, you've probably already encountered this problem? The range of men's swim shorts is very limited and generally doesn't cover the 'awrah properly.

This leaves us partly exposed, especially when it's time for our long-awaited seaside vacations. The cause is not only a lack of knowledge on the subject, but also simply inappropriate swim shorts.

So what is 'awrah? In Arabic, this term means "intimate parts to be hidden". It varies according to age, the people in front of us and the situation (prayer, surgery, medical consultation, etc.).

For men, the 'awrah corresponds to the area of the body extending from the top of the navel to below the knees. This specific area must be covered when we're out and about, whether facing Muslim men or not, and even more so when facing foreign women.

Women are often criticized for not being modest enough. But modesty is for men too!

💡 Islam is a complete religion that exhorts modesty in words, but also in deeds. It may make you smile, but even in summer, when it's hot, going out shirtless and in shorts in public places is an attitude to be banished.

In France, you can be fined for "public indecency", and some municipal by-laws even prohibit driving bare-chested.

And in Muslim countries? Some wear long shorts that cover the knees, without thinking of covering the area between the waist and the navel.

At FENEKIA, we want to give each piece a meaning and a purpose by designing products that meet your needs through quality garments that last and respect the principle of modesty in Islam.

So that you can continue to live your religion and assume your values everywhere!

Islamic swim shorts


Many products have been created for our sisters, but what about our brothers? That's what inspired us to create FENEKIA: sportswear for men that covers the 'awrah!

We've carefully selected high-quality materials to offer an alternative to mass-market swimwear. The result: long, attractive swim shorts that stand up to intense physical activity.

Our approach

Not only do we dream of creating a men's swimwear brand of impeccable quality, but also one that reflects our shared values.

We've paid attention to every detail: from the logo to production, the entire FENEKIA brand is based on religious legality, not forgetting quality in the finishing touches.

Indeed, even our logo has been meticulously crafted: a fennec without its representation as such, but presenting its shadow and thus in full compliance with the rules of Islamic law.

📝 As part of this approach, we have also focused on ethical production.

A family-run workshop that doesn't exploit its employees and that always takes the time to listen to us, and therefore even more so to take your needs into consideration.

🧠 Surrounded by experts, we were quickly able to draw up concise specifications that met our criteria, namely:

✨ provide coverage from the navel and thighs to below the knee;

✨ create a "bathing pant" style design without the balloon effect once in the water ;

✨ be elegant and made from high-end fabrics.

💬 In a few words, FENEKIA is simply an alliance of technology, style and comfort to produce cutting-edge men's swimwear!

Available exclusively on our website, our collections of swim shorts are ethically produced from the finest fabrics offering comfort, elasticity and sun protection.

Our vision: because tomorrow is a long way off

Above all, FENEKIA wants to be the answer of choice for all men who want to remain modest in all circumstances.

And let's not forget our context: in a minimalist and/or eco-responsible spirit, there's no choice! We have to produce better quality products if we want to consume less.

Our swimwear is built to last

Saying it on paper is good, getting involved to make it work is better. We're truly committed to designing swim shorts that age well, wash after wash, wear after wear.

FENEKIA makes quality clothing to stand the test of time, not to follow the latest trends.

We don't encourage consumption for consumption's sake

FENEKIA doesn't do promotions, overpromotion or special offers that you need to take advantage of immediately. We know the habits and customs of the big textile industry, and that's why we don't want to push you into buying products you don't need.

FENEKIA is an independent company

As good news never comes alone, our company is also totally financially independent, and we take great care to ensure that our values are never sacrificed.

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